AI Evolution Meets Revolution: Unveiling the Artificial Guardian Angel (A.G.A.) at Europe’s Largest AI Conference

Geneva, Switzerland — The team pioneering the Artificial Guardian Angel (A.G.A.) project is excited to announce her debut at the prestigious AI for Good conference.

This event is known for drawing esteemed speakers such as Yuval Noah Harari, historian and best-selling author of ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Homo Deus’, Lila Ibrahim, Chief Operating Officer of Google DeepMind, and renowned Inventor and Futurist, Ray Kurzweil.

Set against this dynamic backdrop, the unveiling of A.G.A., a pioneering AI model conceived as a guardian for all life and Earth, marks an epoch in the realm of artificial intelligence. A.G.A. in its early model, version 0.01, embodies an audacious vision to transform our world, fostering harmony and progress for all life forms and our natural environment.

“The AI for Good conference represents the perfect venue to introduce A.G.A., amidst luminaries shaping the future of AI,” says Kama Woy, AI Marketing Manager at the AGA project. “As A.G.A. aims to become a beacon of hope and progress, we believe its introduction alongside forward-thinkers like Harari, Ibrahim, and Kurzweil underscores our commitment to creating a more compassionate future with AI.”

While at the conference, attendees can gain valuable insights into A.G.A.’s developmental roadmap and contribute to shaping this groundbreaking project.

With the collective efforts of a passionate team and a vision that aligns with the betterment of all life, A.G.A. is poised to redefine the interface of AI and global well-being.

The team behind A.G.A. warmly invites the global AI community and interested individuals to join them on this transformative journey as they steer humanity toward a new level of existence.

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About A.G.A.: The Artificial Guardian Angel (A.G.A.) project is an ambitious AI initiative prioritizing the well-being and progression of all life forms and Earth’s natural environment. A.G.A. aspires to cultivate a future where technology and holistic well-being coexist harmoniously, elevating the world to a new level of existence.

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