Unlock the Past: GGWP’s Exclusive Presale Opportunity with Nostalgic Gaming Adventure

Brunswick, USA, 4th March 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Good Game Well Played (GGWP) is excited to announce the launch of a new retro-gaming platform, coupled with an upcoming presale. This innovative platform merges cryptocurrency with gaming, revolutionizing the industry by offering community control and a nostalgic throwback to the classic games from the past.

GGWP is on a mission to challenge and change the pay-to-win and centralized market dynamics, giving power back to the community. From Zelda to Street Fighter II, GGWP offers a wide range of beloved retro games for free on their platform.

A Presale Opportunity not only for Nostalgic Gamers

March marks the beginning of GGWP’s journey with the platform launch and a presale that allows the community to secure 70% of the token supply, guaranteeing significant control over the project’s trajectory. The residual 30% will be allocated towards liquidity provisions and community initiatives, with equal shares for DEX and CEX liquidity setups. The community will also benefit from this allocation through airdrops, giveaways, contests, and ambassador programs, ensuring active engagement and participation.

Moreover, the project introduces several bonuses. For instance, GGWP has implemented an affiliate feature. Gaming enthusiasts can earn a 10% commission on purchases made through their unique link or wallet address. Additionally, those who utilize the address/link will receive a 2% token bonus on their purchase.

GGWP stands out for its commitment to the community. The team does not retain any token share for themselves, ensuring that all resources are directed towards liquidity and community initiatives.

Furthermore, all contracts, including those for the presale and tokens, are open-source and have been verified with source code on Etherscan. This level of transparency is intended to foster trust and confidence within the community.

GGWP’s Vision for the Future

The team has outlined their journey toward success in four chapters, each with a specific focus and purpose. The first chapter, “Community Assembly,” aims to build a robust community through various initiatives, including the launch of the GGWP presale for early believers, giveaways, and airdrops.

After establishing a solid community foundation, GGWP will enter “Expansion Mode” in chapter two, focusing on listing the token on Uniswap for enhanced liquidity and accessibility. Efforts will also be made to list the token on centralized exchanges to broaden market presence. This phase will include community events, airdrops, and AMAs.

The focus shifts to long-term sustainability in chapter three, “Boss Battle,” which includes a professional audit, strategic buy-backs, and token burns to increase value and scarcity. The goal is to achieve significant milestones in the crypto market, such as securing listings on major exchanges.

Finally, the team anticipates launching the fourth chapter, “Community Quest,” where GGWP aims to cement its legacy in the crypto world by achieving “moon” status. The community will make all project-related decisions through polls governed by a smart contract, reaffirming the project’s commitment to decentralization and community-driven growth.

About GGWP

Good Game Well Played (GGWP) is a groundbreaking platform that combines retro-gaming with cryptocurrency. Classics like Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros. and many more are available at no charge, inviting users to relive their most cherished gaming memories. Beyond entertainment, GGWP is a testament to the power of community and nostalgia in shaping the future of Web3 and crypto, returning control to the people.

Gamers and investors interested in learning more can visit GGWP’s website for more details on the presale, and the retro gaming platform. Additionally, updates on new games, features, and community events will be shared on the social media channels: X (Twitter) | Telegram | Discord.