Unlock the Wonders of Oranges: How Orange House is Revolutionizing Home Cleaning

Taiwan, China, 4th Jul 2024 – When one envisions an orange, the mind may drift to its invigorating aroma or its innate sweetness. However, beyond its culinary delights, oranges boast a remarkable prowess in the realm of household cleanliness. Through meticulous extraction, oranges yield essential oils, particularly orange oil, harboring a potent active ingredient famously dubbed the “Orange Clean Factor.” This compound adeptly dissolves grime and blemishes, ensuring a thorough cleansing experience. Moreover, orange oil harbors innate antibacterial properties, effectively curtailing the proliferation of harmful microorganisms, thereby amplifying its cleaning efficacy.

Orange House, a well-known brand in Taiwan, renowned for its dedication to crafting natural home cleaning solutions anchored in the power of orange oil. Firmly committed to utilizing only 100% food-grade natural cold-pressed orange oil, Orange House pioneers a range of health-conscious cleaning products, fostering safe and pristine living environments for households worldwide.

Orange House ensures the natural quality of its products from the source, with one of its most distinctive ingredients being the food-grade certified natural orange oil cleaning essence. Today, let’s explore the magic behind Orange House and understand how it has become an essential part of household life.

Orange House: Born for Health
The founder of Orange House, a chemist and mother of two, was deeply moved by the potential health risks posed by chemical residues in cleaning agents. This led to a dedication to the research of natural cleaning products, culminating in the establishment of Orange House. Over the past 20 years, the brand has focused on promoting safe and natural cleaning products as its lifelong mission.

With two decades of relentless exploration into the myriad applications of orange oil, Orange House stands as a leader in Taiwan’s natural home cleaning products market. The brand is committed to using food-grade products, promoting a philosophy of natural health.

Orange House: Leading Through Innovation
Understanding that ” utensils are akin to sustenance, and garments akin to skin”, the founder of Orange House has always prioritized the promotion of safe, natural cleaning products. The brand offers five major product categories: laundry, dishwashing, kitchen, bathroom, and household categories. Among these, the natural orange oil laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid stand out due to their unique formulations and technological advancements.

The laundry detergent incorporates a special natural orange oil cleaning essence combined with a high-efficiency antibacterial formula. Tests have shown it can effectively clean common pathogens, including Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Moraxella catarrhalis. This innovation not only removes dirt but also ensures a healthy and safe home environment, providing consumers with greater assurance. Additionally, Orange House products employ advanced micelle technology to maximize the cleaning power of orange oil. These high-activity orange oil micelles retain the oil’s full degreasing activity, penetrating deep into fibers to thoroughly clean dirt and even microscopic bacteria.

Orange House’s natural orange oil dishwashing liquid offers both gentle skincare and high-efficiency cleaning. Free from harmful additives such as artificial colors and fragrances, it leaves no harmful chemical residues. Leveraging the strong cleaning power of orange oil, the product easily dissolves grease and removes tough stains, providing consumers with a new cleaning experience. The latest iteration of this product boasts a 200% improvement in cleaning power, including enhanced grease and stain removal capabilities, and includes added vitamin E and glycerin to protect hands with a gentle, skin-friendly formula.

Beyond its flagship products, Orange House offers a comprehensive product line covering laundry, dishwashing, kitchen, bathroom, and household needs, providing consumers with all-around protection.

In the world of Orange House, oranges are more than just a fruit—they are a source of cleaning magic. Through special product formulations and technological advancements, Orange House delivers the magic of clean, safe homes to consumers. Every cleaning experience is a pleasure, and every use is a testament to trust. Step into the world of Orange House and experience the magic for yourself.

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