BXTEN successfully conducts an official launch event in Indonesia

The global cryptocurrency exchange BXTEN successfully held a launch event in Indonesia in partnership with Wowbox, the e-commerce platform of the Rezell Group. The event was attended by over 200 participants, including operators of the Indonesian Web3 community, blockchain VCs, and industry stakeholders.

(Resource : BXTEN)

Through this event, BXTEN officially entered the Indonesian market and plans to provide innovative cryptocurrency trading services to local users. The event featured detailed introductions and demonstrations of BXTEN’s platform and services, and the attendees were very responsive to BXTEN’s distinctive partnership program and diverse cryptocurrency trading offerings.


BXTEN announced a strategy to strengthen its offline marketing in Indonesia and attract new users through its collaboration with Wowbox. A BXTEN representative stated that this Indonesia launch event holds great significance, and the company aims to expand its influence across Southeast Asia starting from the Indonesian market.

An operator of an Indonesian blockchain education community who attended the BXTEN launch event said, “BXTEN’s partnership program will bring significant changes to the Indonesian market.” He noted that the special fee benefits, trading mining, and random box features showcased BXTEN’s potential for partnership expansion.

To commemorate the launch of its Indonesian market service, BXTEN plans to run special promotions with local community operators. Users who sign up through Indonesian partner companies will receive BXT token rewards, and BXTEN will co-host offline education events on cryptocurrencies and blockchain to strengthen its branding in the long term.