The First Ever Web3 Marketing Hackathon: Anyone can get $100,000 Prize just for the cool marketing idea

With a staggering $100,000 prize for the best go-to-market strategy for a new crypto wallet NONBANK, this event is poised to attract the brightest minds in marketing, technology, and strategy.

Breaking New Ground in Marketing

The hackathon is not just a competition; it’s a call to arms for marketing professionals and enthusiasts to rethink traditional Web3 and blockchain marketing approaches. The primary goal is to develop a go-to-market strategy that is not only innovative but also scalable and impactful. Participants must navigate the complex interplay between technology, user engagement, and market dynamics to claim the top prize.

The Hidden Flaws of Current Web3 Marketing

One of the critical themes of this hackathon is to reveal and address the “hidden crap” behind current Web3 marketing strategies. Prominent figures in the industry have openly criticized the prevailing approaches. For example, renowned tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has been quoted expressing his concerns about how Web3 marketing overpromises but underdelivers, echoing a sentiment that many share about the hype overshadowing practical utility.

Another influential voice, marketing guru Seth Godin, has pointed out that “most Web3 marketing is essentially a series of ever-taller tales told with the hope of catching the big fish – the uninformed investor.” These insights underline a fundamental disconnect between the technology’s potential and the hyperbolic narratives often spun around it.

A Billion-Dollar Opportunity

Amidst this critical backdrop, the hackathon is more than just a competition; it’s an incubator for the next big idea. The sentiment among industry leaders is clear: everyone

has the potential to create a billion-dollar idea, but it requires honesty, user-centric design, and a solid understanding of the underlying technology.

For instance, tech visionary Steve Jobs once said, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” This statement is especially pertinent to Web3, where consumer understanding is still nascent. The hackathon challenges participants to bridge this gap, designing intuitive strategies that resonate with users and bring clarity to the often opaque world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

What’s at Stake?

The hackathon is not just about the prize money; it’s a spotlight moment for innovators to potentially reshape an entire industry. The winning strategy will likely set new standards for how products are introduced in the Web3 space, influencing future marketing efforts and product developments.


As registration ramps up, the excitement is palpable. The first-ever Web3 Marketing Hackathon represents a critical step forward in refining and advancing blockchain marketing. It’s a unique opportunity to debunk myths, cut through the hype, and build something truly revolutionary. The question now is, who will step up and transform these insights into a winning strategy that is not only valued at $100,000 but could also pave the way for the next billion-dollar enterprise in the Web3 ecosystem?

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Alex Clark

Barcelona, Spain