The Human Gathering’s Commitment to The Future: A Special Announcement

Los Angeles, California, 7th June 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The Human Gathering journey started over a decade ago with the intent to create a safe platform for personal and professional networking. 

Today we would like to officially announce to the general public that Joshua Jordison, while he has been on this journey with the Human Gathering for quite some time, has found a new passion and direction in life.

Joshua Jordison will be focusing on what is called, HUMAN FEST. A festival set to bring awareness to causes around the globe. You can learn more about HUMAN FEST at or by contacting Joshua Jordison himself.

The Human Gathering has given Joshua the needed permission to use the name HUMAN on this venture, even with his past affiliations with our team and community. However, the Human Gathering and HUMAN FEST are in no other ways connected.

There is no affiliation whatsoever between the Human Gathering and HUMAN FEST. This includes the Human Gathering’s partners, Founder, team, affiliates or the like. 

With this said, the Human Gathering, its Founder and its community at large, will be cheering Joshua on from afar and wish for his success.

We recommend reaching out to or Joshua Jordison for more information or to communicate with him about this venture.

This is our official and only statement about the matter.

Now and in the years to come, we will continue the journey of the Human Gathering. Its Founder Wes Chapman and the community remain committed to upholding the core values and mission set forth over a decade ago. This is what has defined our organization and we are privileged to continue carrying this banner forward. 

For more information about the Human Gathering, please visit