BTC Banking Evolution and Market Outlook – WikiBit Interviews Xapo Bank CEO

Victoria, Re Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 30th May 2024 – The crypto regulatory inquiry platform WikiBit has invited industry experts to organize an insightful interview on “Understanding the Development of Crypto Banking and Exploring Trends in the Crypto Industry.”

WikiBit has initiated the “WikiBit Interview Series,” aiming to invite authoritative experts and leaders in the crypto industry to delve into future market trends, security regulations, technological innovations, and development prospects. In the latest interview, WikiBit had the privilege of speaking with Seamus Rocca, CEO of Xapo Bank, to discuss the development of crypto banking, the differences between traditional finance and crypto finance, financial security measures, and the future trends of cryptocurrencies.

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In the interview, Seamus Rocca shared with WikiBit the journey of Xapo Bank since its inception in 2013. Initially starting as a Bitcoin wallet, Xapo Bank raised $41 million from Silicon Valley investors and gradually evolved into a Bitcoin custodial service before finally transforming into a fully licensed bank. Xapo Bank invests in high-security, low-risk assets such as U.S. Treasuries and money markets, returning most of the earnings to its customers to ensure the safety of their funds.

Differences Between Crypto Banking and Traditional Finance

Seamus Rocca highlighted the key differences between crypto banking and traditional finance. Traditional banks make money by converting deposits into loans, which can lead to the risk of bank runs. In contrast, Xapo Bank only accepts customer deposits and invests in low-risk assets, avoiding fractional reserve banking to reduce risks. Additionally, Xapo Bank holds a banking license, enabling it to legally provide financial services, which starkly contrasts with many crypto companies that operate solely as exchanges.

Views on the Current Bitcoin Market

Seamus Rocca expressed optimism about the current Bitcoin market. He noted that Bitcoin bull markets are typically the result of a combination of factors. With the introduction of ETFs, the upcoming Bitcoin halving, and pent-up demand following the crypto winter, the market outlook for Bitcoin is very positive. Rocca predicts that Bitcoin prices will slowly but steadily rise over the next ten months, maintaining a favorable long-term investment outlook.

Impact of Federal Reserve Interest Rate Policies on Bitcoin

Discussing the impact of the Federal Reserve’s high-interest-rate policies on Bitcoin prices, Seamus Rocca emphasized that monitoring macroeconomic trends is crucial for investors. While Bitcoin’s appeal lies in its independence from government control, the increase in ETF and institutional investments, along with potential investment inflows due to lower interest rates, could positively impact the Bitcoin market.

Significance of the WikiBit Interview Series

Through the “WikiBit Interview Series,” WikiBit is dedicated to providing users with comprehensive and in-depth industry insights and professional analysis, helping investors make informed decisions in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market. In the future, WikiBit will continue to invite top experts in the industry to share their unique perspectives and professional opinions, promoting the healthy development of the entire industry.

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WikiBit is a globally leading blockchain security inquiry platform, aiming to provide users with the latest blockchain news, regulatory license inquiries, industry trends, and credit information services. By collaborating with regulatory agencies and industry experts worldwide, WikiBit is committed to creating a secure, transparent, and trustworthy blockchain investment environment.

About Xapo Bank

Founded in 2013, Xapo Bank is a private bank renowned for its exceptional innovation and user-friendly features. As a pioneer in the industry, Xapo Bank has been at the forefront of the cryptocurrency field, offering a range of innovative financial services.


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