“GP (Dawud Sami) Emerges with Fresh Albums and Plans to Transform Adversity into Opportunity”

“Right back in the office, but I ain’t left nothin” says rapper Officially GP on ‘The Intro’ noting his aggressive comeback, releasing 3 new albums within 180 days. But that’s not all he’s been dedicating his time to! Dawud Sami has some big moves on the horizon and a new album release with shortened stage name of GP, is just the start. Not only announcing the launch of his online store, redkarpet.shop, Mr. Sami said, “I gave up 5 months of my life and now here I am, back at it with fresh music and plan to make a difference. You know, I’ve had the time to develop a concept to make a positive change in the community I was raised in.” Although he did not reveal all the details just yet, he clued us in on a strategy to build safe recovery housing for women who are struggling to get away from less than desirable situations.

Most recently known for his controversial lyrics, GP explains the origins of one of his newest albums ‘I Was Bored,’ citing his frustration with being unable to venture outside or attend to his regular activities due to circumstances beyond his control. “I couldn’t go to work, so I brought the studio to me.” GP converted his nephew’s, Brandon Lawrence, childhood bedroom into a fully equipped studio capable of delivering top-tier sound quality. Collaborating with his engineer, Goldie, they embarked on an intensive creative journey, birthing “I Was Bored“, an impressive collection of 18 songs crafted within a timeframe of 10 hours.

On October 23rd, less than a month later, GP surprised fans with yet another album release, crafted within a mere 8-hour studio session! With the aim of preserving the nostalgic essence of a 10th album within the music industry, GP released ‘The Red Album’ aspiring to elevate it to the status of a timeless classic milestone. Given the intimate connection between GP’s career and his company, Red Karpet, he stated the album was crafted “to pay homage to the origins of his success and creativity.” Additionally, he stated “the album’s title reflects choosing the red pill of life, you know, symbolizing truth” which can be discovered on his favorite album track ‘The Interview’

At times, GP has been questioned regarding the meaning behind his lyrics and if his lyrics reflect the type of person he is. The rap artist had this to say regarding the public’s perception of his character versus his stage persona. “At this point in my career, I create music solely for myself and it’s like my place for getting high, like a way to release.” His primary focus is to deliver his message authentically, regardless of commercial appeal or the opinions of others.

Rumors have also circulated there will be a new “homecoming” album titled, ‘A Night in Cleveland’ strategically being released on March 23rd, a claim that GP has officially confirmed to be accurate.

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