United States, 12th Mar 2024, King NewsWire Meet Kevin P. Sullivan, a formidable presence both on the city streets and within the realm of creative expression. Currently patrolling the toughest streets of the largest U.S. city, Sullivan is now channeling his imaginative side through his writing. His stories reflect a heart and soul poured onto pages, exploring genres ranging from post-apocalyptic military sci-fi to supernatural mysteries.

Sullivan’s debut novel, “The Rings of Hydra: The Maiden Voyage,” plunges readers into a 25th Century Earth governed by The GAD, a one-world authority enforcing a strict no-land policy. The protagonist, a young man, escapes his concealed homestead only to find himself thrust into an enforcer-in-training position, assigned to hunt down families like his own. The narrative takes readers on a thrilling journey above mountains, below the clouds, and across various oceanic cities in pursuit of family, freedom, and truth.

With influences from The Hunger Games, Altered Carbon, Black Mirror, and The Martian, Sullivan promises an edge-of-your-seat dystopian adventure. “The Rings of Hydra” guarantees an adrenaline-pumping experience transcending genres.

Expanding the series, “The Rings of Hydra: Arden’s Revenge” follows Arden Sole, a rookie enforcer for The GAD, seeking vengeance for his father’s murder. As he navigates a world filled with intrigue and danger, Arden discovers the harsh realities of his mission and the challenges of his dual role as both hunter and hunted.

“The Rings of Hydra: The Great Escape” offers a prelude to the original novel, recounting David Hagen’s daring escape from Western Hydra into the forbidden Olympic Forest. The narrative vividly portrays life on the lowest societal rung, the struggles, and the burning desire for freedom.

Kevin P. Sullivan invites readers to load up, strap in, and download “The Rings of Hydra” series. Whether seeking thrilling page-turners, emotional rides, or speculative fiction at its finest, Sullivan delivers a literary escape into worlds beyond imagination.

For more information, visit or contact Kevin P. Sullivan at KPS@KPSBOOKS.NET.

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