Tupan Launches the New Binance Smart Chain TCT

Tokenized Securities and Equities, the Future of Blockchain

New York, NY – 06/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Recently, Tupan has announced the launch of the new Binance Smart Chain TCT.

Bitcoin recently surpassed the $46,000 mark on January 8th, due to recent compliance with the SEC and becoming an ETF and consequently a semi-security. This has drawn the attention of the general public to the crypto market once again, and market experience tells us that if the mainstream media has covered it, it’s already too late to make significant gains short to mid-term.

Compliance with the SEC was a contributing factor to this resistance break, as it changes the perception people have about the volatility stigma the market still had towards crypto-assets, and by having bitcoin in this position there may be a change of view the market has on tokens, but it also adds the need for a level of regulation towards crypto in the future.

But this is not the first time a cryptocurrency has complied with the SEC. Tupan, a project directed at bringing profitable bio-economy to blockchain while aiding the Amazon rainforest has been in the market since 2019 and was one of the first UN-17-SDG and ESG tokens issued by an investment fund regulated by the SEC USA, reaching $ 7.12 at the time in the Waves blockchain. Now after the last few bearish years, bitcoin finally establishes itself as a security investment, and this sets a trend for tokenized securities.

Tupan has started a never-before-seen program to enable its community to farm an Equity token called Tupan Augreen, which represents the shares of the ForestAu Green Investment Fund. ForestAu Green quotas are estimated to cost $160k and are now available for farming, users only need to own a Tupan NFT and stake it along the community tokens (TCT) to be able to earn tokenized shares of a fund that has a plethora of project with a high chance of appreciation.

Upon further analysis of the Tupan Community Token (TCT), it can be noted that’s not only a utility token to be exchanged for digital equity, but also a token representation of the environmental impact for all the projects related to the fund, adding even more value to it, which sets up an entire sustainable ecosystem connecting the traditional market to the blockchain and the investment fund.

To acquire your TCTs before the exchange launch and discover this unique opportunity, join the exclusive list at www.tupan.io/launch

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