Financial Bookkeeping Tool Rocket Statements Aims to Simplify Tax Season for Canadians

The tax season rush is upon us, and Canadian small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals are gathering up their financial records and getting ready to file. But tackling your taxes doesn’t have to be a painful process – especially if you use the right tools to simplify your bookkeeping and financial tracking. This year, make your life easier by using Rocket Statements to convert your bank PDF statements into easy-to-use Excel files.

Rocket Statements is an innovative financial tool built specifically to help Canadians streamline their taxes and bookkeeping. The automated Canadian bank and credit card statement converter saves you time organizing your finances, so you can focus on maximizing deductions and credits this tax season.

Here’s how Rocket Statements enhances your tax prep:

Effortless PDF to Excel Conversion

Simply upload your bank account and credit card PDF statements to Rocket Statements. In just minutes, their advanced OCR technology will extract all your transaction details into a formatted, customizable Excel spreadsheet. Gone are the days of manually entering statement data or printing and scanning papers.

Powerful Expense Tracking

With your converted statements in Excel, you have all your income and expenses automatically categorized and totaled. Easily filter, sort and analyze transactions to uncover optimization opportunities. Identify eligible deductions for travel, supplies, utilities, and other common small business expenses.

Simplified Reconciliation

Reconciling your bank statement data with accounting records and receipts is a snap in Excel. Quickly match up transactions and confirm income and expenses are accounted for. Identify any discrepancies ahead of time to avoid issues or delays during tax filing.

Faster Tax Filing

With Rocket Statements, you enter tax season with your finances in order. Your converted bank statements have all the tax-related data you need at your fingertips in Excel. That means no more frantic searching for paper statements and receipts as the filing deadline approaches. File your taxes faster with less stress.

Increased Refund Potential

Missed expense deductions mean you overpay on your taxes. But Rocket Statements ensures you unlock the maximum deductions from your financial records. Claiming these can lead to substantial tax refunds you may be missing out on otherwise.

Here are some tips to maximize the tax benefits of using Rocket Statements:

  • Categorize transactions for easy filtering of expense deductions like office supplies, advertising, accounting fees, etc after conversion of the file.
  • Add custom Excel columns to track tax-related data like HST amounts paid.
  • Use Excel formulas to quickly calculate totals, mileage, eligible amounts for each deduction category.
  • Compare current and prior year statements to identify new deduction opportunities.
  • Tag potential red flag transactions that require additional review or receipts.
  • Export filtered deduction details for secure transfer to your accountant or tax prep software like Quickbooks or Xero.

With Rocket Statements, get your finances tax ready in advance so you can file promptly and efficiently. And the benefits extend beyond tax season – well-organized Excel statements enhance small business accounting all year long.