Find Out The Minimum Wage In BC, Canada

Do you know which provinces and territories in Canada have minimum wages? What is the minimum wage in BC, Canada?

The highest minimum wage in all of Canada is found in Yukon (CAD 16.77 per hour), one of the least populated territories in Canada. Precisely, it seeks to encourage foreigners to go to that place where there is a lack of workers.

Canada minimum wage in BC

British Columbia follows closely behind. The minimum wage in BC is CAD 16.75 (USD 12.68) per hour. The podium is completed by Nunavut, the least populated entity in Canada, with a salary of CAD 16 (USD 12) per hour.

Minimum wage in BC, Canada: How much money does it take to live in Canada?

As we already told you, the approximate cost of living in Canada is CAD 1,500 (USD 1,136) per month, considering food, accommodation, transportation, and extra expenses. However, this approximate value depends on several factors and considering the minimum wage in BC.

How much can you save in Canada?

As we already told you, each province and territory of Canada has its minimum wage, as we shared about the minimum wage in BC. To calculate how much you can save in Canada, we will use the federal minimum wage as a base, which is CAD 16.65 (USD 12.61).

Thus, if they get a job working eight hours a day with two days off (40 hours a week), the approximate salary they will receive per month will be CAD 2,664 (USD 2,017). Taxes of approximately 14.8% must be subtracted from that so that the net pay will be CAD 2,270 (USD 1,719).

The cost of living in Canada: basic monthly expenses to consider

With minimum wage in BC, here is what you should know.

Accommodation expenses in Canada

One of the main points to take into account is accommodation, which will demand the highest percentage of monthly money. There is not just one option, but there are different options for choosing accommodation while living in Canada:

On Airbnb, it is possible to find private rooms for CAD 320 (USD 242) per week, while houses or cabins cost more than CAD 95 (USD 72) per night. On the other hand, renting a bed in a hostel is one of the best options to adapt to the city during the first days. Prices are around CAD 50 (USD 38) per night in downtown Vancouver.

One of the cheapest options is the Homestay with Family (room rental) since you can rent a room for CAD 750 (USD 568) per month with a shared bathroom and access to the kitchen.

Food expenses in Canada

Aside from accommodation, it is also essential to calculate the costs of purchasing food and hygiene and cleaning items. Depending on the area and the location where you buy, CAD 350 (USD 265) to CAD 500 (USD 379) per month will be needed to cover these needs.

The cheapest supermarkets in Canada are No Frills, Walmart, Save on Foods, T&T supermarket, and Real Canadian Superstore.

Transportation expenses in Canada

Vancouver boasts a transportation network that operates seamlessly 24 hours a day. This is the Translink-Skytrain system, and to start using it, you first have to buy the Compass Card, which will give you access to the bus and metro.

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