Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and Council members Honor Dr. Siavash Arani for Healthcare Innovations

Los Angeles, California, United States, 20th Feb 2024, King NewsWire Dr. Siavash Arani, a distinguished physician renowned for his visionary approach to medicine, was officially recognized by Mayor Karen Bass and council members from all 15 districts. The ceremony, presented by Los Angeles 3rd District Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, underscored Dr. Arani’s exceptional service and unwavering dedication to enhancing patient care throughout Los Angeles.

“Dr. Arani is not just a physician; he is a visionary pioneer and a trailblazer in the realm of infectious disease,” remarked Councilmember Blumenfield. “He introduced the revolutionary 3-step microsurgery destruction method known as HPV BCR™, offering hope for completely eradicating HPV-related tumors and lesions. I have a certificate of recognition for Dr. Arani that is not just from me but signed by this entire city council, recognizing the amazing work that you have done.”

Expressing deep gratitude for the recognition, Dr. Arani stated, “I am honored to receive this recognition from Mayor Karen Bass and the entire council members of the City of Los Angeles. This recognition is not just for me but for all those who supported me and inspired me along this journey, including my patients. Los Angeles, a city vibrant with diversity, innovation, and opportunity, holds a special place in my heart. Being acknowledged by its leaders is a moment I will forever cherish.”

President of the Los Angeles City Council, Paul Krekorian, remarked, “Thank you, Dr. Arani. The City of Los Angeles is grateful for your life-saving and life-changing work.”

The ceremony emphasizes Dr. Arani’s innovative treatments and unwavering commitment to patients, setting a new standard for medical care in Los Angeles and the U.S.

Mayor Karen Bass and councilmembers praised Dr. Arani’s contributions, stating in the award, “He has developed strategies to treat patients with HPV-related tumors. His innovative approach to treating HPV with a high success rate has made him a pioneer and internationally recognized physician in the field.”

Today’s award reflects the city’s commitment to recognizing and supporting individuals who significantly contribute to the well-being of its citizens. Dr. Arani’s achievements serve as an inspiration for ongoing efforts to enhance healthcare outcomes in Los Angeles and beyond.

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