Double C Holdings Receives Global Attention for Adult Content VR Device Patent

New York, NY – A patent for a virtual reality (VR) device designed for adult content, providing a lifelike sense of touch, has gained attention worldwide following its registration in South Korea and Japan.

This patent pertains to a VR device for adult content, including a touch module allowing users to manipulate and feel tactile sensations using their hands.

Recent advancements in virtual reality technology have led to the activation of the VR attraction market, resulting in the development of various games and educational training systems. Conventional VR devices have been provided with a Head Mounted Display (HMD) type display unit and a pad for controlling games displayed through the display unit. However, these conventional VR devices have not delivered a fully immersive virtual reality experience.

Devices such as handheld controllers, ride-on setups that the user can board, chair-based devices that the user can sit on, and glove-like devices have only represented hand movements in the virtual environment, lacking the ability to satisfy users’ tactile sensations. Consequently, there was a need to develop VR device technology that could cater to users’ sense of touch.

This VR device, designed in response to this need, comprises an HMD display unit, a touch module made of silicone that can be adjusted in height, and a control unit for managing the operation of the display unit and touch module.

A gaze tracking device within the display unit detects the user’s line of sight, while the touch module registers pressure-based inputs from the user. This combination gives users a sensation akin to physically touching characters in the virtual environment. Moreover, the control unit matches the user’s character choices and actual hand movements with the selected character’s hand movements.

As a result, depending on how the user touches the desired character according to the user’s gaze through the screen, the character operated by the user in the video can also respond to the actual user’s actions, enhancing the tactile experience beyond what traditional devices offer.

Double C Holdings, which registered this patent, specializes in providing 4D experiences for adult content by integrating blockchain technology and VR equipment. Utilizing its proprietary platform, Double C AVAR, it plans to offer content that combines AR and VR with desired adult videos (AV), allowing users to enjoy immersive experiences that engage multiple senses like touch and smell.

Kim Tae-Won director from Double C Holdings, developer of this technology patent, stated, “The global AV VR and AR market is projected to reach a value of 181.7 trillion won by 2030. Building upon this patent, we intend to provide blockchain-based NFT-encoded videos and enhance the stability and transparency of registered NFTs on the platform by detecting potential tampering. This will enable us to offer users a more trustworthy platform.”

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