Dubai: BitMake Celebrates Its Third Anniversary

Dubai, UAE, Aug. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bitmake, a global leading blockchain technology company backed by Dubai’s royal investment, grandly celebrated its third-anniversary event “Trade for fun” in Dubai. It’s an exhilarating moment as Bitmake, in just three years, with its seamless trading experience, has amassed over 2 million users and ranks 38th on CoinMarketCap.

Leaders and staff of BitMake, a web3 trailblazer based in Dubai, gathered together for an event held at Raffles The Palm in Dubai. For all the guests who arrived in their finery, a night filled with customized entertainment was made possible.

BitMake’s Marketing director, David, attended the celebration, which began with Bollywood music, followed by intellectual contests, plays, and music to entertain the audience. He attributed the company’s success to its high level of professional expertise. “Starting with just five employees at the outset, we have always adhered to safety first and ultimate speed to enhance user experience. These two elements and work culture are essential for the success of a web3 business,” said David.

Ubadah has been with the company since its inception, and he believes that work culture and employee relationships play a crucial role in the company’s success. “Our employees are our family. Since our foundation, we have always believed in promoting a positive and joyful work culture. Our employees are our ambassadors, not only delivering quality work and experiences to our clients but also embodying our company’s values,”

“From the moment we join the company, our strong values and work culture are deeply ingrained in our hearts, allowing us to pass them on to new employees, bringing about genuine change,” Mansur said.

The event concluded with a dinner, where employees and their families together cheered for BitMake’s success.

The Charm of Dubai 

Before the central government, Dubai proposed a comprehensive digital currency legal framework and established a new regulatory body responsible for issuing licenses to qualified companies. Since the regulatory framework’s approval, many companies, including Binance and, have flocked to Dubai to operate in the emirate. After creating new trade zones for the industry, the UAE has intensified its efforts to keep pace with Dubai’s growth in digital currency.

About BitMake 

BitMake, a UAE digital currency exchange funded by the Dubai royal family. Headquartered in Dubai, its members come from derivative trading in Dubai and Silicon Valley, traditional finance, and internet companies. Committed to providing services through its top web3 technology providers, BitMake lowers the barriers to professional match trading. In extreme market conditions, as the first exchange to elevate match trading from millisecond-level to microsecond-level, BitMake’s smooth trading experience is industry-leading, deeply loved by senior investors and professional investment institutions. At the same time, BitMake actively embraces regulation, has a global operational layout, and has obtained MSB licenses in countries such as Canada and the United States, as well as operating licenses in multiple European regions.

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