OneFriends app taking friendships to a higher quality and depth internationally

Australia, 15th Aug 2023, King NewsWireOneFriends is an iOS app that is used between users’ best friends and closest friends to organize regular activities, events, and catch-ups. Trending in top positions on the App Store in 2022-23 and with users internationally in over 100 countries now, its increasing popularity is linked to the way it improves friendships.

Those who love OneFriends are people who seem to have realized that real friendships and stronger bonds are maintained through spending quality time with each other in real life, as opposed to simply contacting over the internet. This is, in particular, true for friendships over the long term.

The design and look of OneFriends is another aspect worth mentioning – a combination of elegance and minimalism, great features, and ease of use.

In an August 2023 company statement in the Associated Press, OneFriends’ CEO Albert Jing stated that the operational goal of the company was to use a relatively small-sized team to achieve exponential results. The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with highly skilled team members in Australia, the United States, and Asia.

The company’s app is also clearly focused on being non-intrusive, with minimal user data collected and no advertisements at all. Through its light blue and white colored interface and sophisticated font, the refinement of the app comes through.

In a global environment where people often feel a lack of real connection with friends, or that some deeper quality is missing in interactions despite the seeming ease of contact offered by technology, OneFriends is leading the way in providing a very different approach to friendship.

It’s been said that OneFriends is a symbol of true friendship, something which is inherently beautiful to strive towards, and that is experienced when the virtues of being a great friend combine with OneFriends’ design and meaning.

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