Shay Agnon, Ashkelon, Israel, 13th Aug 2023, King NewsWireVictor Porton’s Foundation is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking initiative that will transform the landscape of scientific funding. By leveraging cryptocurrency micropayments, the Foundation aims to support underprivileged scientists, particularly those who build critical dependencies for the works of other researchers. This novel approach is set to revolutionize traditional grant systems and create a fair and equitable ecosystem for scientific progress.

The current scientific funding landscape often poses significant challenges for researchers, especially those from marginalized backgrounds or working on projects deemed too unconventional or high-risk by conventional funding bodies. Many brilliant ideas go unrealized, hindering scientific advancement and impeding progress for humanity.

The vision behind Victor Porton’s Foundation is to establish a new paradigm in scientific financing, where deserving projects, regardless of origin or complexity, receive the necessary support to flourish. By adopting cryptocurrency micropayments as the driving force, the Foundation envisions empowering researchers with the resources they need to push the boundaries of innovation.

How the System Works:

Victor Porton’s Foundation will utilize the transparency and efficiency of blockchain technology to create a secure and decentralized micropayment infrastructure. Individuals, institutions, and organizations passionate about driving scientific progress can contribute to the Foundation’s pool of funds using various cryptocurrencies. The use of cryptocurrencies ensures swift, borderless, and cost-effective transactions, fostering a global community of supporters.

As scientists undertake research and development, their contributions, especially in building dependencies that facilitate the work of others, will be recognized and rewarded through micropayments.

The more profound the impact of a researcher’s work on the scientific community, the greater the recognition and financial support they receive from the Foundation.

We also support not only science but also free software (especially underfinanced free software components).

A part of the fund of the donor will go to dependencies, to ensure basic science is supported as well as applied research. Also and we are going to provide an affiliate program for donations, for no scientific project be left without publication funding.

The current system of scientific publishing is a lottery: if a scientist is rich or can obtain funding and can pay for adequate publication, the world wins; if the scientist is poor, all the world loses.

Victor Porton, the founder and visionary behind the Foundation, shared his excitement about this innovative approach, stating, “Our mission is to level the playing field and create an inclusive ecosystem where every talented scientist has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to science. By recognizing the importance of building dependencies and supporting the unsung heroes of research, we can collectively accelerate scientific progress and bring about a brighter future for all.”

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