Global Digital Innovation” creates a credible space for de-monopoly

China, 10th Aug 2023, King NewsWireWeb3 can be understood as an overall evolution and upgrade of the Internet architecture. Through new protocols, the Internet will be more decentralized and secure, allowing users to master their own digital identities and digital assets. Through collaborative innovation of the technical system and the economic system, Promote the integration of data and reality.

The rise of the concept of Web3 is mainly due to changes in digital space requirements. Today, people’s demand for the Internet and digital space changes due to various and scattered data sources, complex and diverse, inconsistent standards, and lack of trust, which have brought many difficulties to data circulation and further affected the cultivation of the data element market. Promoted the rise of the concept of Web3.

Web3 is conducive to solving the “monopoly” and “evil” problems existing in the current Internet development. Based on the distributed, non-tamperable, publicly verifiable, and code-as-law characteristics of the blockchain, it will create a digital space with independent identity, independent data, shared algorithm governance, de-monopoly, and de-vicious competition.

Global Digital Innovation advocates the concept of behavioral rights confirmation, records the economic value of each behavior, uses digital technology and marketing strategies to build brand value, and through digital innovation, improves user experience and meets personalized customization needs, etc., to help enterprises complete digital transformation Create greater business value.

After several years of development, Global Digital Innovation has gradually shown several typical characteristics. The first is decentralization, where data ownership shifts from platform centralization to user autonomy; the second is machine trust, which shifts from relying on people and institutions to algorithmic endorsement rules; the third is creative economy, where the verifiable rights of data elements stimulate transaction circulation; the fourth is digital native , a new type of economic space brought about by the value of data, that is, it does not rely on the traditional economic and financial system, and can self-circulate and complete transactions through the embedded value system.

Global Digital Innovation promotes the development of digital industrialization

In the current Internet development process, in addition to the aforementioned “monopoly” problem, there is still a major pain point that the independent development of various technologies is facing the bottleneck of large-scale implementation, and it is impossible to form a closed-loop business ecology. And this also needs to provide a newer, larger, and more focused concept and business model for each new technology, so as to pull through the deep integration of the entire industry chain and further promote commercialization, which requires the openness and co-construction of Web3.

Global Digital Innovation is promoting the process of digital industrialization and driving new data services such as digital natives. The high-quality development of new services needs to be based on a network space where identities are mutually trusted, assets can be expressed, and data rights can be confirmed. Therefore, digital identity The return of sovereignty, the digital expression of assets and the credible confirmation of data have become the key to the development of global digital innovation service capabilities.

Global Digital Innovation actively promotes network governance towards distributed co-governance

In the Web3 era, network governance will move towards distributed co-governance. This is also a sector that Global Digital Innovation is actively promoting. Specifically, it will gradually evolve from a single-subject centralized management model to multi-party participation; the distributed autonomous model will also gradually transform from an institutional contract established by people and society to a trust consensus built by algorithms and machines; The supervision of people and things in the world will gradually cover the supervision of accounts, assets, and contracts in the digital world; from the management of networks, products, and users, it will gradually be upgraded to the management of data, services, and objects; from the management of monopoly systems The black-box review of the platform has gradually transitioned to the penetrating and transparent supervision of the chain network architecture.

Global Digital Innovation continues to improve technology research and development and service ecology

On the industrial application side, Global Digital Innovation has continuously innovated and launched new applications in virtual space applications such as social networking, identity and games; in addition, financial and Web3 application scenarios are highly compatible, with high application value and technological maturity. Using Web3 technology to launch digital payment and other functions is also exploring new application scenarios and models.

Global Digital Innovation has continuously launched innovative products and solutions. At the same time, focus on the layout and expansion of global technology nodes to ensure that users can obtain stable and efficient technical support.

Through long-term planning and research and development, Global Digital Innovation creates innovative business models and a strong service system to help create a credible space for global de-monopoly.

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