Independent author releases 100th book

Sa’id Salaam is an independent, self published author who is set to release his 100th book.

Atlanta, GA, United States, 8th Aug 2023, King NewsWireSa’id Salaam, a prolific self-published author, is on the brink of a remarkable milestone as he prepares to launch his 100th book, “Good Cop, Bad Cop.” With over a million books sold as an independent author, Salaam has gained a loyal following, earning him the endearing moniker “The Urban Aesop.” He has touched readers’ hearts worldwide by weaving uplifting messages into his gripping narratives.

Hailing from the Bronx, New York, Sa’id Salaam’s passion for storytelling blossomed at a young age, influenced greatly by his mother’s animated bedtime stories. Imbued with a love for literature, he eventually realized his dream of becoming an author.
What sets Sa’id Salaam’s work apart is his remarkable talent for crafting vivid descriptions, employing a sharp wit, and dynamic word play. Readers often compare the experience of reading his books to watching an engaging movie, as his scenes unfold with captivating dialogues and background noises, making for an immersive reading journey.

Living up to his “Urban Aesop” title, Sa’id Salaam has won admiration for instilling real-life lessons into his stories. He attributes this approach to his firsthand experiences with the devastating effects of drug addiction on his family. Salaam’s writing avoids glorifying drug use and dealing, instead presenting the raw and unpleasant realities of such activities. Even in his “Dope Girl” series, the focus remains on a coming-of-age tale rather than the drug trade.

As he approaches the release of his 100th book, “Good Cop, Bad Cop,” the Urban Aesop continues to inspire and touch lives with his powerful storytelling, readers can expect yet another compelling tale that uplifts the spirit and leaves a lasting impression on the heart and mind.

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