Salon Designers Unveils Cutting-Edge Hair Straighteners, Curlers, and More for Salon-Quality Styling

Pakistan, 6th Aug 2023, King NewsWireSalon designers always try to one-up themselves and this time they have thrown the ball out of the park with brand-new hair straighteners, curlers, and more salon styling equipment. These new salon accessories will leave you in awe and they have brought these equipments at market competitive prices. The best quality products that are easy on the pocket, what more could you want?

State-of-the-art Salon Equipment:

Salon designers have brought the best quality salon equipment for their dedicated customers.

Professional Lizzie High Heat Straightener:

This hair straightener heats super-fast! With constant temperature throughout usage, your hair will be straightened in no time, so this is the best product for you if you are late for a party or a wedding.

If you have thick natural hair you need not worry, the Lizzie extreme titanium flat iron glides through your hair for a silky smooth experience.

Eagle Fortress Speed Heat Hair Curler/Tong with Aluminium Barrel 19mm:

Curling rods are in demand right now and Salon Designers have introduced this narrow wand with a 19mm aluminium barrel designed to create tight and defined curls. No matter your hair type or texture, this line of hair curlers is designed to create high-definition, healthy-looking curls with less damage. Salon Designers is offering best curling rod price in Pakistan with professional tool.

Ceriotti Italian Hair Dryer With Attachments:

These Italian hair dryers are usually very expensive but salon designers have brought these dryers to the market at a very low price. Now you can experience professional-grade performance. This dryer is crafted in Italy and offers powerful airflow and precise heat control.

Professional Charging Barber Hair Trimmer with 4 Attachments:

This hair trimmer is a versatile one with 4 attachments for customizable cutting lengths and styles. Now you can enjoy a cordless and long-lasting hair trimmer. It’s a very useful item to have, during covid when a lot of people couldn’t visit barber shops, these hair trimmers came in handy. You can effortlessly groom your hair with sharp stainless steel blades.

Eagle Fortress Speed Heat Mini Iron:

This is a hair straightener designed for men which comes with ceramic-coated plates for quick heating action. It is specifically designed for small or medium-length hair. It has a built-in temperature regulator which maintains constant temperature without fluctuations.

All in all:

Salon designers have brought the best-quality salon equipment at reasonable prices, so, head over to their website to avail these best salon-quality hair tools and treat yourself to some nice equipment.

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