PlayEstates Redefining RWA industry : Own A Piece Of Real Estates From As Low As $10

PlayEstates, a REIT-certified blockchain property company, is transforming the real estate market by making homeownership accessible and affordable to individuals worldwide. Leveraging blockchain technology to offer transparency and accountability, PlayEstates has unveiled its beta website, EstateLabs, allowing early users to earn dividend income through Property-backed NFTs (PNFT) with investments as low as $10.

Making Real Estate Accessible Globally

Affording real estate anywhere in the world can be challenging, especially in the United States, where traditional investment requires meeting stringent accreditation requirements. PlayEstates’ platform disrupts this exclusivity by enabling fractional ownership of carefully curated properties through PNFTs, offering numerous benefits to investors:

  • Low entry barriers, eliminating substantial upfront investments.
  • Diversified risk management by investing in multiple properties at lower costs.
  • Passive income in the form of dividends and rental earnings directly to digital wallets.
  • Property capital appreciation, offering potential returns over time.
  • Easy liquidation on the marketplace, ensuring flexibility and liquidity.
  • On-chain credit, facilitating decentralized access to financial data.
  • Upcoming financial derivatives derived from real estate, providing exposure without tangible property ownership.
  • Liability control through individual LLC management, safeguarding owners from personal debts or liabilities.

Secured $700k in Equity Funding, Commences Hybrid Token and Equity Seed Round

PlayEstates has successfully raised $700,000 in equity funding during the initial stages of its seed round. The company, backed by a dedicated founding team, also completed a private angel round, securing $500,000 in funding.

Currently, PlayEstates is conducting a cutting-edge seed round, combining both token and equity offerings. The round has attracted interest from renowned Limited Partners (LPs), including Valta, a Seattle-based property management group/fund with similarities to Airbnb. Additionally, Genesis Commercial Capital, a Los Angeles-based family office managing $3.1 billion in assets under management (AUM), and Propnex, a Hou/LA-based family office specializing in real estate development, investment, and management, have joined as LPs. PlayEstates aims to raise $3 million through both equity and token sales. The hybrid approach enhances liquidity and creates new investment opportunities in the real estate sector.

PlayEstates Celebrates Successful Beta Launch “EstateLabs”

The beta launch of EstateLabs on July 1st, 2023, accompanied by “the Ascension” event, has been highly successful. With 12,000 users signing up and 7,000 daily engaging users, PlayEstates achieved a peak website traffic of 30,000. Early users participating in the testing phase have been able to claim dividend income, showcasing the platform’s potential.

A Game-Changing Collaboration with HaiDiLao Delivery

PlayEstates aims to bridge the crypto world (Web 3) with the real world and has made significant strides by collaborating with Haidilao Delivery, a renowned franchise company. Users can now enjoy a 15% discount on the entire HaiDiLao Delivery menu at any of the 20 outlets in Singapore by applying the PlayEstates discount code during checkout. Expanding partnerships into regions like Malaysia and Indonesia promises benefits for a broader audience across Southeast Asia.

Empowering the Future of Real Estate Investment

With its innovative approach to fractionalized and tokenized real estate assets, PlayEstates pioneers the Real World Assets (RWA) industry. As the platform continues to redefine real estate investment, it remains committed to making global homeownership achievable for everyone.

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