Xaily Coin Revolutionizes Real Estate with World’s First P2P Marketplace Token

Xaily is set to revolutionize the real estate industry with the world’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) digital crypto marketplace, connecting real estate buyers and sellers worldwide. With a successful presale already underway and Xaily is making waves in crypto space.

Seychelles, 2nd Aug 2023, King NewsWire

Xaily’s platform aims to tackle the issue of data ownership through its decentralized approach, giving power back to users. The platform also leverages crowd wisdom, tapping into the collective opinion of its community to provide valuable insights for real estate investments.

Investors seeking lucrative opportunities will find Xaily appealing, as it offers promising investment projects with the potential for fast short-term gains. The key to successful short-term investments in any crypto project lies in timing the pullback, and Xaily provides the tools and information to make informed decisions.

Security is a top priority for Xaily, with a reliable and secure platform offering advanced security features to protect users’ digital assets. Moreover, the forthcoming Xaily mobile app, launching in August 2023, will provide users with convenient access to essential functions, acting as a gateway to an expanding ecosystem.

Xaily’s tokenomics are designed to foster growth and reward participants, with 28% allocated to the mobile ad platform, 22% to the reward program, and 18% for marketing and general purposes. Following the token sale, XLY will be available for trading on leading crypto exchanges worldwide.

The project’s roadmap has already seen significant achievements, with the completion of the whitepaper, platform design, and demonstrations of its technological prowess. The current presale, which started on July 28, 2023, is set to conclude on August 10, 2023, at 9:00 AM GMT.

Participating in the presale is easy. Investors can use USDT to purchase $XLY tokens before they list on decentralized exchanges (DEX). Simply connect a $XLY-supported wallet, such as Metamask for desktop or Trust Wallet for mobile, and select the desired amount of tokens to purchase. Upon successful connection, buyers can click “Buy Now” to acquire $XLY tokens.

About Xaily

Xaily is a trailblazing P2P digital crypto marketplace connecting real estate buyers and sellers worldwide. The platform leverages decentralization and crowd wisdom to provide valuable investment opportunities in the real estate market. With a secure storage system and a forthcoming mobile app, Xaily aims to empower investors with convenient access to an expanding ecosystem.

For updates and the latest news on Xaily, visit their website at www.xaily.io.

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