Giving back to the community and back to school supplies on 8/15

Join The Art Within You in giving back to those who are less fortunate than others. On August 15, The Art Within You will be issuing out back to school supplies for the unprivileged children. The Art Within You believes that every child deserves a right to education. No matter what race it is.

Lilburn, Ga, United States, 2nd Aug 2023, King NewsWireThe Art Within You is hosting its first back-to-school give away to the less fortunate children. They believe that every child deserves to have a quality education by providing them with the proper tools so they could become successful by changing our world for the betterment of humanity.

When it comes to volunteering, you can now add The Art Within You to that list. As this company expresses its great empathy, patience, kindness, hospitality, and resilience. It also demonstrates their philanthropy skills as a company.

“The Art Within You demonstrates its philanthropy skills by focusing on the betterment of the community, touching and changing the lives of others, improving the mindsets and thinking patterns, giving others hope as they create their own future and finding their purposes in life, giving its employees an opportunity to be a part of something so great, and it just shows how strong the leadership and Its team really is at The Art Within You” says Kenneth Parker, Chair of the board and Chief Operating Officer of The Art Within You.

The Art Within You understands that the underprivileged children face systemic challenges from an early age that don’t set them up to succeed the best they should and being unable to perform at their best. The company wants every unprivileged child to have the same opportunity as the next child. The Art Within You wants these unprivileged children to be able to perform at their best when it comes to learning. Most underprivileged children come from single-parent families. These parents also didn’t have proper education which leads to limited employment opportunities. They also tend to be more prone to domestic violence from their partners. This, in turn, can leave a huge trauma to their children. And thus, the cycle never ends. The reason why The Art Within You wants to be active in the community because these children will be the ones who makes a positive change in the world. They are our future. But, in order to do that the company needs help from the community to chime in and help us make it possible to get access to a quality education for them. Every child deserves to have a good quality education. It’s by right that they receive it. The Art Within You does not believe in leaving a child behind. We must advocate and be the voices for these unprivileged children. Why should they suffer more than what they’re suffering now?

The Art Within You will start its mission to help the unprivileged children by giving them back to school supplies to assist them. No child should have to focus on their poverty status and try to focus on their school work. So, The Art Within You have decided to help out and give each child an opportunity to have a headstart like the rest for this upcoming school year. If anyone in the Atlanta, Lilburn, or Norcross areas would like to join this movement with The Art Within You in giving back, please contact them directly. If you would like to donate to the cause. Reach out to them.

Congratulations to The Art Within You for being a courageous leader in the community. Keep up the amazing work.

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Organization: The Art Within You

Contact Person: K. Parker



Contact Number: 4705240062

Address: 4024 Lawrenceville Hwy NW

City: Lilburn

State: Ga

Country: United States

Release Id: 0208233964

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