revolutionizes the healthcare investment landscape in Southeast Asia with a Blockchain-Powered Platform connects primary care with cryptocurrency, unlocking lucrative investment opportunities through blockchain technology.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — Krypto ERC (KERC) proudly announces its disruptive presence in the region’s healthcare landscape with the launch of its groundbreaking platform that bridges primary and alternative healthcare (PAH) with cryptocurrency. By leveraging blockchain technology, KERC aims to transform traditional brick-and-mortar primary care businesses into tech-driven crypto assets, offering investors sustainable rewards in USDC.

Unlocking the Potential of Primary Health Care :

Traditionally, healthcare in Southeast Asia has undervalued primary healthcare centers, viewing them as cost centers rather than revenue generators. In contrast, tertiary healthcare organizations focus on low-volume high-margin services, leading to higher revenues per patient. KERC recognizes the untapped potential in primary healthcare and seeks to capitalize on this lucrative opportunity.

Founder Joyerlah states, “KERC offers a seamless and innovative way for individuals to acquire income-generating healthcare assets using digital currencies. We eliminate the need for large capital investments, domain expertise, or regulatory compliances, allowing investors of all sizes to earn from our healthcare businesses without the hassles of managing staff, vendors, or operational complexities.”

Building a Robust Investment Portfolio’s investment portfolio comprises well-established community health providers with a proven track record of positive rewards. The platform’s management operators boast deep domain expertise, supported by a team of regulatory-compliant professionals, ensuring efficient and effective operations. 

CTO & Co-Founder Snorkypie affirms, “Our goal is to transform these traditional healthcare businesses into technology-driven turnkey assets capable of generating high, sustainable yields. By offering investors access to institutional-only brick-and-mortar businesses, KERC eliminates the barriers of entry, providing an unparalleled opportunity in the market.” 

Distinct Advantages and Sustainable Growth:

In addition to stablecoins’ protection against market volatility, KERC offers unique advantages, including protection against inflation, fixed income potential, and asset appreciation. The primary healthcare sector boasts excellent unit economics and margins, with factors like lower fixed overheads and continuity of care contributing to sustained financial performance. 

Navigating Regulatory Complexity with Expertise

The ownership and operation of healthcare centers are highly regulated and limited to the healthcare fraternity, creating a significant barrier to scale. KERC’s team possesses the necessary expertise and licenses to navigate these complexities, mitigating legal and financial risks associated with non-compliance.

Presale of $KERC to fund its groundbreaking endeavors:

KERC launched a presale raising up to $2,500,000 USDC. The presale commenced on the 24th of July 2023, 12 PM EDT, offering staking options for up to 12 months.

Shaping the Future of Healthcare Investment KERC’s groundbreaking initiative sets out to revolutionize the healthcare industry, offering unprecedented investment opportunities and sustainable returns. The platform’s fusion of primary and alternative healthcare with cryptocurrency has the potential to shape the future of healthcare and financial growth in Southeast Asia. 

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About the Company bridges primary and alternative healthcare with cryptocurrency, unlocking groundbreaking investment opportunities through blockchain technology and transforming the Southeast Asian healthcare landscape.

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