Mexican marketing company sets out to take over the American construction market with high quality professionals at less than half the price.

Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico, 22nd Jul 2023, King NewsWire Taking advantage of high-quality work at low prices has been a privilege reserved just to the big corporations until now thanks to this innovative and adventurous company that proposes a simple but effective solution similar to the one big corporations have found. Many factories have optimized their profits since many years ago by moving their operations to other countries with highly qualified workers and lower costs of living. Some of the most common industries that have adopted this model are maquiladoras, customer service and software development.

Cliknow knows it’s time to expand the catalog of services Mexico can export to the world. “Mexicans, besides being hard workers, are highly talented, smart, and eager to grow and to create better opportunities for themselves and their people” says Cesar Silva, director of Cliknow Marketing n’Stuff

Having a strong presence on the internet is not a luxury anymore but a need. What is the first thing you do whenever you want to buy something from a new vendor, supplier or store? If you’re like most, now, the first thing you do is check their website, social media, reviews, etc. What happens if you go check a company, store, supplier on the internet and they have no presence or outdated information on their pages? This is a very important question to ask ourselves, says Cesar.

Having a presence on the internet may help your business barely survive, but having a strong, well-thought-out presence on the internet will make your business thrive faster than you might think. Cliknow realizes that even when the above is true in Mexico, America and virtually anywhere in the world, that doesn’t mean that every single business has the budget to invest in a marketing firm which helps them achieve their goals.

Cliknow is here to be an affordable option with higher quality than the American construction industry is accustomed to.

Cliknow sees a great opportunity to offer great work at more affordable prices while helping Mexicans get better salaries.

Not only is Cliknow in the quest to create great work at affordable prices, but they are also looking for creating more opportunities for Mexicans as well as promoting Mexican talent outside of Mexico.

Why focusing on the construction industry?

Even when the construction industry is growing fast, there hasn’t been much innovation.

Cliknow sees this industry as one that has been ready to take advantage of technology since a long ago and Cliknow is ready to help them take the next step.

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