CHN Energy Guohua Investment Europe Renewable Energy S.A. Held 2023 Enterprise Open Day

On July 12th, the open day of China Energy Guohua Investment Europe Renewable Energy S.A. themed on Low-carbon Development for A Green Future and the publishing of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report was held in Grammatikaki Wind Farm of Thrace wind project in Greece to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative and the 11th National Low Carbon Day of China.

Wind turbines stand upright in the Grammatikaki Wind Farm with the white, gigantic blades spinning when wind flows across them, turning wind into green electricity and delivering green power to tens of thousands of households in Greece.

Over 40 guests, including Gen-Z college representatives, personnel from local fire and forestry departments, representatives from Komotini No.8 Primary Schools, employees’ families, local residents, were invited to the field trip of Grammatikaki Wind Farm.

The visiting group walked along with the local engineer of Europe Renewable Energy, listening attentively to how turbines are constructed and how the electric power is transmitted and generated, as well as the knowledge of the company’s safety management system and the CEERE specially installed bird-protection system. The field trip not only presented to the guests about wind turbine’s operation and maintenance, but provided them with first-hand experience on how the CHN Energy workers think and act.

Dimitra Bounia, youth representative of Greece, said after the field trip that she would like to deliver gratitude to Europe Renewable Energy for organizing this visit to Grammatikaki Wind Farm. It was also a great opportunity to integrate theory with practice. Learning about the new technology in energy industry and receiving academic instruction is vital for Gen-Z. In the future, they will contribute their own strength with the renewable energy technology that they learned to environment protection.

During the activity, Europe Renewable Energy S.A. published the 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The company stays true to its mission of new energy advancement, and actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities. CEERE believes that it is vital to encourage technological innovation to empower green growth. The company takes concrete actions to safeguard the earth via constructing clean energy cooperation platforms. Furthermore, CEERE upholds the corporate philosophy that is open, practical and inclusive, and truly cares about the employees. The company has organized cultural exchange activities to enhance China-Greece cultural interaction and integrate into local culture, thus garnering the trust and recognition of the people in Greece.

The Thrace wind project of China Energy Guohua Investment Europe Renewable Energy S.A. is China’s first wind power project in Europe, with a total installed capacity of 78.2 MW, an annual green power generation of 160GWh, which can guarantee the annual electricity consumption of 30,000 households in Greece. It can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 210,000 tons, equivalent to planting 360,000 trees a year, which has made positive contributions to improving the energy structure and energy conservation and emission reduction in Greece.

In recent years, China Energy has established an interaction platform for people from all walks of life, especially of Generation Z, in Greece by carrying out cross-cultural integration and communication activities so as to join hands with all people in Greece to encourage a greener lifestyle that is low-carbon and resource-saving, to make sure that the new energy industry grow and expand. The China Energy cross-cultural integration projects have become the model of China-Greece cultural communication which have been highly praised by the media and the people.

Organization Name: China Energy Guohua Investment Europe Renewable Energy S.A.

Contact Person: Zhang Qiyong