With Superior 4WD Performance, OMODA 5 Will Gradually be Launched Globally from Q3

Poland, 10th Jul 2023 – As a global and youthful car brand, OMODA has gained widespread attention in the global market. In July of this year, the four-wheel drive version of OMODA 5 will enter the Kazakhstan market. OMODA 5’s remarkable four-wheel drive performance can expand its travel radius, fully meeting various usage scenarios, and bringing an unparalleled driving experience.

The T1X four-wheel drive technology equipped in OMODA 5 uses the same intelligent electric control four-wheel drive system as the Mercedes-Benz GLB, featuring high precision and quick response, which can effectively improve the overall vehicle performance, handling, and off-road capability. At the same time, the T1X four-wheel drive system also provides 6 driving modes to meet the needs of different driving scenarios, making the driving experience more comfortable and free for users.

In addition, the on-demand 4WD system equipped on the OMODA 5 also can intelligently control the power distribution of the front and rear wheels based on the vehicle speed and road conditions, thereby improving the handling and stability, and trafficability of the vehicle for smoother and safer driving. The on-demand 4WD system of OMODA 5 possesses higher precision, faster response, and better efficiency while satisfying the requirements of climbing up to a 45% slope as well as providing multiple driving modes of energy-saving, normal, sport, snow, mud, and off-road.

Next, as OMODA launches in Kazakhstan at the end of July this year, it will gradually start its global launch, presenting the ultra-strong four-wheel drive performance model OMODA 5 to consumers worldwide. Please stay tuned!

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