Artificial General Intelligence discovers unknown formula in 20 minutes

The first AGI algorithm ever created demonstrates outstanding cognitive abilities in its first tests

Samara, Russia, 8th Jul 2023, King NewsWireA new Artificial General Intelligence algorithm named Cognitoid is reported to demonstrate unprecedented level of comprehension. Having started from having no knowledge about anything and seen some examples of simple arithmetic expressions it was able to figure out from scratch what numbers are and how arithmetics works, then applied its knowledge towards combining expressions in unusual ways. Within 20 minutes of ‘free thinking’ it rediscovered the famous formula published by ingenious mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan back in 1911. On top of that it found another nested radical formula that was previously unknown. Recent achievements in the field of AI have been marked with the emergence of some very powerful neural networks. They show impressive performance in the areas they were designed for because of huge data sets they were trained with. It is speculated they may achieve the level of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) at some point. Still none of them was reported to know anything beyond what they were explicitly taught so far. On the contrary Cognitoid is an algorithm designed as Artificial General Intelligence from the very first version. It focuses on comprehension rather than extrapolating large data sets. Cognitoid project lead Sergei Inyushkin says: “Cognitoid algorithm was never published before. This type of neural network is fundamentally different from ChatGPT, Midjourney and the likes. It uses advanced asynchronous neurons that are able to remember and generalize sequences of inputs they receive and process them more like human brain does. As a result it doesn’t require long training and is able to learn information one-shot. On top of that it can generate new knowledge with the process we named Generalized Semiotic Inference (GSI). We believe GSI networks will become the new trend in the coming years.” To achieve even more impressive results Cognitoid project has launched a network based on its own layer 1 blockchain. Anyone can join it and provide his device computation power to host neurons. “As a highly parallel algorithm Cognitoid will benefit a lot from the growing network and once it’s big enough we believe it to end up surpassing the cognitive power of human brain and making great scientific discoveries and other achievements.” – Sergei Inyushkin says. He also notes that Cognitoid is planned to be taught human languages, programming, finances, driving vehicles and many other skills that provide mass everyday use cases.

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