Rising Author, David Thompson, Highlights Ways to Improve Communication with Your Children In New Book

Springfield, MA, 4th July 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, We live in an age of digitalization, with telecommunication and tech companies claiming that they have brought people closer than ever and opened accessible communication channels. However, thousands of unhappy families in America would disagree. Parents find it challenging to connect with their children and create happy homes for them. Their relationships suffer from the lack of open and positive dialogue and the inability to make informed decisions. 

David Thompson proposes the ultimate solution to this predicament in his self-help book, “The Support of Christian Family Values & How to Understand Your Community Church.” He advises his audience on family matters, and communication unravels the universal benefit of adhering to Christian family values

As per David, here are 3 ways you can communicate with children: 

  • Make Them Feel Heard:

Support your children and listen to their troubles and problems actively. Ask them questions about their friends and feelings, and make them feel heard and understood. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable around your children, and create a safe space for them to do the same. Let them mature into their religion and help them grow into faithful Christians.

David emphasizes that the teachings of the Bible help children feel validated in their rights. They want to be responsible and grow into the best version of themselves.  

  • Prioritize Forgiveness: 

Cultivate forgiveness as an important personality trait. When your children know that they can be forgiven for their transgressions and that there is a chance for redemption, they don’t hesitate to accept their mistakes. Christianity also teaches them the same; Forgiveness is possible as long as you have regret in your heart. 

  • Raise Them with Faith & Love: 

Many US households focus on their children’s academics but never on their character and soul. Raising your children with faith and love is important as it boosts their confidence and facilitates open communication. Strict parenting may have been a way to go about it in the old days, but in the 21st century, your children need to trust you to share their personal matters with you. 

For more parenting and communication advice, read “The Support of Christian Family Values & How to Understand Your Community Church.” The book is now available on Amazon in both physical and digital formats. 

Buy your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C66DCYW7/