Racearth is a metaverse game project, perfect combination of two sections: Race and Earth.

Racearth.com, Germany, 3rd Jul 2023, King NewsWireIn the Race section, users will be able to organize races and they can attend the races to earn. Races can be organized only in the lands with “racetrack” attribute on it and the rules will be decided by the landowners before the race. These races can be watched by other users. There are also clans that users can attend to earn more and to have successful gamer friends in the game. All the transactions of the tokens will be safe and secure on blockchain thanks to smart contracts. In order to attend those races, users need to have a NFT, representing their car in the game. This NFTs will be limited, and they will be sold in special sales. Besides the races, car tuning, car repair, tire change, paint shops etc. are possible things to use for the cars in the game.

In the Earth section, users will be able to buy and sell lands which are created by dividing a real map into the pieces, like cities. Each polygon shaped land has many different attributes like: Capital cities, Racetracks, Gas stations, Car mechanics, Tire change, Tuning places, Paint shops and Shopping places. Landowners will be earning by using or renting their lands. For example, if a land has a “racetrack” on it, owner can organize races, or a land with a “car mechanic” will be used for the maintenance of the cars after races. The price of each land is different and decided according to the attributes it has. Users need to pay attention when buying a land because their income strategy and future investments in the game will be more profitable if they choose wisely.

Thanks to blockchain, many processes will be quick, safe, recorded and thanks to the team, every part of the project will be flawless because everything will be tested before release.

Official symbol of Racearth’s token will be “RACE”. All transactions in the races and Earth will be done with this token. In order to play the game and any to do something on the lands, users must have RACE token. RACE tokens will be used in all purchases, developments, and events. RACE token will be on Binance Smart Chain network, there will be bridges to the other networks soon.

Racearth team wants to achieve important things in the world of Metaverse, and they prepare whole structure compatible with blockchain technology. This project gathered two different things under one roof by using all the developed technology, and it has been designed for you to experience metaverse and play2earn technologies in a perfect way.

You will find all the details about the progress of the project in the whitepaper.

WEB : https://www.racearth.com/
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/racearth
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/racearth
WHITEPAPER : https://race-earth.gitbook.io/racearth

Media Contact

Organization: Racearth

Contact Person: EMRE GORGU

Website: https://www.racearth.com/

Email: info@racearth.com

Contact Number: 03044492702

State: racearth.com

Country: Germany

Release Id: 0307234467

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