The United States Presidential 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award, from T.I.U.A School of Business Ceremony was held at Chateau Elan in Braselton, Georgia.

United States, 8th Jun 2023, King NewsWire The African Linked Foundation and The James “JC Cooley Foundation in conjunction with Trinity International University of Ambassadors presents “Diplomatic of Excellence” at the Highest Level of Business. Individuals who are dedicated to “Bringing The Brain Trust Back to Africa” continually Changing Nations towards growth and sustainability, through its network of International Value Relations, and Public Private Partnerships amongst Heads of States of Many African Countries. These individuals have received Honorary Doctorate Degrees, and/or President Biden’s Lifetime Achievement Awards from TIUA University of Ambassadors, Atlanta, GA.

Presidential 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Dr Erick Hall Sr PhD,  Founder/CEO of African Linked Foundation and Appointed Diplomatic Special Envoy to the His Royal Highness Crown Prime Minister, and Dr. Clement E. Johnson Jr. PhD, Founder of ClemTECH, LLC and Chief Operating Officer of Aequor Biotech, and The Chairman Award was received by Dr. James Cooley MPA, CISSP, Ph.D., CISO, PMP Founder/CEO of The JC Cooley Foundation, It’s Your Life Media Television Network and The State of Georgia Honorary Citizen Goodwill Ambassador was awarded to Dr. Olivia Mirembe Musisi PhD. Founder/CEO of JILL Development Consultancy and IVC CPM HRH Prince Dr. Fritzgerald Zephir PhD, President of financial group JD Euroway and Crown Prime Minister of the Queendom of Sheba.

African Linked co-founders: Dr. Charmaine Hall, Dr. Morris Leonard, Bishop Dr. Mike Kingsley, and  Mr. Terrence Lee, would like to show their appreciation to its valued relations Associates; ICV CPM Prince Dr. Fritz G. Zephir PhD, Africa Ambassador at Large Dr. Olivia Mirembe Musisi PhD, Dr. Cesar Rodriguez, Dr. James Cooley, Dr. Clement Johnson, Dr, Michael Mantell, Dr. Angela Seay, and Dr. Jacqueline Mohair, by proxy to consider them as Honorary Advisory Board Members. We believe that together we are set to change the narrative that surrounds the concept of global citizenship by connecting the best minds in science, technology, engineering, medicine, artificial intelligence throughout the global African Diaspora by creating one assembly through innovation and social engineering for the betterment for all of Humanity.

The individuals mentioned above are dedicated to making a positive global impact involved in various projects such as Agriculture (Hydroponics Innovation), Cybersecurity Technology, State of the Art Smart Medical Cities, Solar Voltaic Technology, Smart Water Solutions, Crypto-Currency Mining Technology and On/Off Grid Alternative Energy Technology Solutions, fostering collaboration, and tackling challenges both in the United States and worldwide. Through their exemplary leadership, they utilize their expertise, knowledge, experiences, and education to elevate and welcome others to do the same.

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Dr. James “JC” Cooley PhD.Director of Media Relations


African Linked foundation (ALF) was conceived out of its Admiration, Appreciation, Love of Africa, and All African- Descendants.  After several missions of humanitarian efforts in South Africa, Malawi, and

Uganda, and our continuous commitment to venture into other regions on the Continent, confirmed what ALF life purpose is, to go to all the Nations, and establish Gods Kingdom. through Hope, Acts of Love, Compassion, and Humanitarian efforts. ALF mission is to Change Nations and to be a conduit in many areas, through a coalition of local, State, and International governing bodies, Strategic Partnership, Trade Agreements, Import & Export, Development, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Opportunity, Economic creation etc.  ALF is an advocate against Oppression, Neo-Colonialism, Imperialism, Genocide, Systemic Racism, Human Rights Abuses, Inequality, Pillaging, and Exploitation of the Continent resources, etc.


The foundation exists to provide youth life skills and mentorship programs to all young adults in need. To accomplish this goal, the youth are placed in an environment designed to promote a positive relationship between the youth and professional mentor. To accomplish this goal, OOCP is pursuing partnerships, sponsorships, fundraisers, donations, grants, and other options to acquire the necessary funds to make OOCP a reality. The ultimate goal is to become a global force, expanding our vision and leadership by ensuring our organization is a guiding force for excellence as it relates to the world’s youth.


The Queendom of Sheba is a Special administrative and autonomous zone in the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  It has been established in 2021 in Mai-Ndombe in order for African Kingdoms and tribe to be able to have a temporal location representative of the traditional heritage of Africa.  Ruled by Her Imperial Majesty Empress Amelia Debrah Kasambu’Ra Shebah III, Queen of Sheba and Queen of the South, Her Imperial Majesty, as UN CULPAC Peace Ambassador and African Union Peace Ambassador has set forth Project 7 Phoenix, which includes building the world’s largest university and providing impact investment in key areas throughout Africa. The queendom operates on the Lu’Mira currency, a full reserve currency valued against gold.


Trinity International university of Ambassadors is located in Pensacola, Florida and

Trinity International chaplaincy institute is located in Atlanta . TIUA School of Business is an affiliate of Trinity International University of Ambassadors located in Pensacola, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. TIUA School of Business through the affiliation of Trinity International University of Ambassadors recognize successful leaders in entrepreneurship. TIUA School of Business offers the Entrepreneur Honor’s Program for entrepreneur’s who have shown leadership and integrity in the world of business. TIUA School of Business is a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. They are impact players who have brought about significant positive changes to their respective communities through business and educational development, human capital development, and relevant policy development. For more information, visit


JD Euroway is a financial group regulated in several jurisdiction with a presence on 4 continents and providing financial services including wealth management, corporate finance, trade finance.  The group

targets alternative investment strategies with high impact on social development in key areas such as mining, agriculture, health, arts, disruptive technologies and small businesses

For media inquiries and further information, please contact It’s Your Life Media Television Network.

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